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3 Great Ways to Get from Hanoi to Sapa Using Bookaway

If you can’t wait to visit the dreamlike terraced rice fields and you don’t quite know how to get there, then this guide is for you!

Train, Bus or Minivan?

If you were planning on visiting Sapa 20 years ago then it probably would have been pretty hard to get around. However, Sapa has now become one of Vietnam’s top tourist destinations, and with reason. The beautiful hikes, delicious food, and gorgeous scenery make it a worthy destination.

The easiest and fastest way to get to Sapa is to depart from Hanoi, where you have three different options: train, bus, or a luxury minivan. The following post will lay out all of the relevant information you will need to plan how to get from Hanoi to Sapa stress-free using

Option 1: TRAIN

Taking the train from Hanoi to Sapa is probably your best option. This is because the trains depart at night (22:00) and take around eight hours. Which means that you will get a good night’s sleep and you will save a night at a hotel all while you make it to your new destination, cool right?

The trains depart from the Hanoi train station and tickets are affordable as well. With tickets ranging from $31USD  (714,860VND) for a tourist cabin with 4 beds to $103USD (2,375,180VND) for a VIP 2-bed cabin which is considered 5-star train experiences, one that you will not want to miss.

Option 2: BUS

If you decide that the train is not for you then you can also opt to take the bus which also offers a tourist or a VIP option.

Sao Viet is one of the biggest bus companies and offers the most departures, with more than 20 departures per day and instant confirmation when booking via! The earliest departure is at 5:30 in case you want to win the day and if you feel like sleeping overnight (which is also part of the experience) then you can book the latest departure at 23:59. Ticket prices range from $12.47 USD (287,558VND) for the sleeping bus option to $17.38 USD (400,782VND) for the VIP option. The main difference between the tourist class to the VIP class is the width and privacy of the seats.

Option 3: Luxury Minivan

Last, but definitely not least you can always travel in style by opting for a luxury minivan. This is a great option if you are looking to catch up on some sleep or if you simply want your own space and comfort. This trip can take around six hours to six hours and a half depending on traffic of course. The cool thing about this service is that it offers departures pretty much at every hour of the day, which makes this service pretty flexible and affordable as well.

The tickets for this option range from $15USD (345,900 VND) to $26USD (599,560 VND). The price will basically depend on the pickup option you want to choose. Pickups can be done from the Noi Bai airport, from your hotel, and from downtown Hanoi.

Now that you have all of the information on how to get from Hanoi to Sapa the only thing left to do is to plan your next trip! Sapa should definitely be on your 2021 travel bucket list. As vaccines continue to be rolled out and as Vietnam continues to open its borders to tourists, what are you waiting for?

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