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We LOVE using our Blink Monitoring system while we travel the world. In the video, Nikki shows how easy it is to set up the system before leaving your hotel, hostel, or Airbnb stay. We have packed one security camera for our travels. It’s important for us to know if anyone has been in our room for the obvious reasons, but also so we don’t accuse anyone of stealing, in case we just simply misplaced something.

Once you leave your room, ARM the device using the BLINK mobile app. It is very easy.

When someone moves in front of the camera sensors it activates immediately with a bright light and sends a video to your phone.

For example, we shared a recent video from Vietnam when we had to have the staff fix our TV when we were away. They knew they were on camera and we knew when they entered the room while we were out exploring the town.

We also LOVE our Blink Monitoring System to look into our home where we have 3 cameras set. The APP will alert us to any activity.

Get your Blink Monitor today to feel safe when you travel and to monitor your home remotely! Its super easy to set up, cost friendly and there is no monthly fee! Use our link to get BLINK today.

CLICK HERE for the 1 Camera Kit we are using on our travels.
CLICK HERE for the 3 Camera Kit we have at watching our Home.
Safe Travels!
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