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Da Nang, Vietnam – World Barber Shop Adventures

Da Nang Barber Shop

This was my third visit to Ky Lee’s Barber Shop in Da Nang, Vietnam. Barber shops are also called cắt tóc nam in Vietnam. Ky Lee recently opened this second shop, and he works alternating days between the two. Ky Lee is a strong entrepreneur, an outstanding barber, and a teacher to his barber crew that he continues to grow. During my visit, he was continually informing his team on barbering techniques while having a fun time singing to the music in the process. His crew of barbers has swagger and style, a bad-ass aura about them. They provide many great services including shaves, styling, and acne peels at ridiculously low prices. You can get a full package treatment for about $5 US.

Da Nang, Vietnam is one of my favorite cities in the world for many reasons. Located along the coast with unbelievable beaches, you get a great mix of a chill lifestyle and a vibrant city of about 1.5 million people.  I love the motorbike culture, delicious Vietnamese food, and the loud nightlife. The people of Vietnam are always inviting and fun to be around. Da Nang is particularly cool because you have access to so much within a couple of hours. Lady Buddha, Monkey Mountain, Marble Mountain, Hoi An, and the beautiful city of Hue are short day trips away.

The young culture in Da Nang likes to stay fresh. How they look is very important. The economy in Vietnam is booming so this generation has money to spend, and they enjoy looking good when they go out to the coffee shops, bars, or karaoke spots, which are an important part of the culture. With the New Year Celebration called Tết approaching, Ky Lee’s Barber Shop was beyond packed when I visited him later on my stay. All of the young people wanted to look their best when they went home to spend time with their friends and family for the most important holiday of the year.

Hoi An is only about 30 minutes from Da Nang. It’s a beautiful historic city of streams and lanterns and tons of custom shops. You can’t beat the pricing for tailor-made suits, leather bags or jackets, and designer shoes. People visit from all over the world to take in the beauty of the lanterns above the streets, to light a candle in the stream, and to ride in a long tail boat.

If you want to listen to all of the fun we had in Da Nang, listen to Podcast 50: Da Nang, Vietnam (Trip of a Lifetime).

Ky Lee Barber Shop (Filmed At Shop #2)
91 Lê Sát, Hoà Cường Nam,
Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng, Vietnam

Shop #1
464/20 Trưng Nữ Vương,
Hòa Thuận Đông, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng

Call +84 90 576 90 15

Barber: Ky Lee (owner and top-notch barber)
Service: Bald Fade

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