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Cusco Peru Day Trips (Top 8 Sites)

Cusco, Peru Day Trips

Taking Day Trips in Cusco Peru is extremely important if you take the time and make the investment to travel to this part of the world. It is not all about Machu Picchu; there is much more to see around Cusco. The Top day trips are outlined in this post.

Cusco, Peru was once the capital of the Inca Empire. Until you have studied the history of this powerful empire or see the ruins that are left behind, you will not understand the significance of the magnitude of being the capital city meant to these people.

When you visit this breathtaking part of the world give yourself time to take advantage of the Day Trips from Cusco, Peru. There are endless amounts of amazing sites to see besides getting the best view of Machu Picchu and it is important that you take several day trips while in Cusco.

If you would rather listen to our detailed podcast episode on this subject, check out
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We did all of these day trips from Cusco during multiple days out with a driver that we contacted through our Airbnb stay. You may get your own tour guide but it is not absolutely necessary. Many of the local drivers know the city as well as the tour guides.

Travel Tip: Make sure to bring a Portable Charger on these Day Trips from Cusco. You will likely be away from a charger all day and you will be taking a ton of photos on your camera(s). For information on this and other Travel Tools follow the Tools link.





Here is a short video we put together to that captured walking through Pisac and Ollantaytambo.

There is much to see near Cusco, Peru so please do not limit yourself with just a few days focused on Machu Picchu. We spoke to many people that felt rushed and didn’t get the chance to do any of these amazing day trips from Cusco which were a big bonus for us during our trip.

Traveled April 2017

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