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Fiji Islands – World Barber Shop Adventures

Fiji Islands World Barber Shop Adventures

Fiji is one of those dream locations that I have always wanted to travel to. With the white sandy beaches, beautiful islands, and year-round tropical weather, it’s a major tourist destination. Fiji gained independence from the British Empire in 1970 after 96 years as a British colony. Fiji consists of 333 islands, about 110 of which are inhabited with about a million Fijians. We stayed on the main island of Viti Levu and had a great time in two parts of the island, in the south-central called Maui Bay and near Nadi where the Nomu Barbershop is. It really gave us a chance to understand the culture better by seeing the different areas of the island.

Nomu is very proud of his barber shop located near the Nadi airport in Namaka. His shop culture is very important to him, and he wants to have a positive atmosphere for his clients. His team is experienced with a wide range of talents, and they are always looking to learn more from each other, as well as from the barber YouTube videos playing on the TV. Nathan and Paul did a great job with the scissors, clippers, and blade.

You will see that I talked a bunch while in the chair in Nomu. Both Fijian and English are spoken in Fiji which made it easy to communicate on the island. It was great to talk to these guys about barber trends, local foods, and rugby. Fiji loves rugby. And they should because they dominate in the sport. While we were in town, the Fiji team won their 5th straight title in the Hong Kong Sevens. A few of the local rugby stars visit the Nomu barbershop on occasion.

Fiji Islands, with around 1000 species of fish and several hundred types of coral and sponges, will blow your mind with the range of colors and unique fish. The Kava ceremony is an important tradition in Fiji and commonly acts as a way to welcome guests into a village and on important occasions. We had a great time celebrating with a bonfire, great food, and dancing with the locals.

Nomu Barbershop
Namaka, Nadi, Fiji

Barber: Paul
Service:  Bald Fade, Beard Trim, and Shave

David’s Barber: Nathan
Service:  Bald Fade, Beard Trim, and Shave

Special thanks to the entire Do Vos team:

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