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Hands Bridge Vietnam [Gorgeous Gold of Da Nang]

Vietnam continues to change the game in tourism. Now with the addition of The Golden Hands Bridge – Cau Vang – outside of Da Nang, it will find a more significant number of tourists hitting its beautiful coasts in the coming years.

The Golden Hands Bridge is located in the Bà Nà hills, sitting beautifully above Da Nang just west of the vibrant city. The 150m-long bridge was built along a mountaintop, and the main attraction is evident as soon as you set your eyes on it – the large stone-like hands covered in moss holding the massive walking bridge.

If you would like to hear all about our times in Vietnam, check out our episode Podcast 11: Vietnam Travel (and Location We Hated during our World Tour).

Vietnam understands tourism, and this is the latest example of how they are getting it right. In this take-an—Instagram-selfie-in-front-of-something-amazing world we are living in, why not invest in something as beautiful as this structure? As it has been said, ‘If you build it, they will come.’

This investment by Vietnam is just the latest that will help the country become one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations in the world. The new Golden Hands Bridge will now rank highly on all of the ‘gotta see that’ lists of travelers around the globe along with the likes of Machu Picchu, Christ the Redeemer, and the Eiffel Tower.

As we have talked about often on our podcast, and in particular the episode – Vietnam Travel – we love Da Nang, Vietnam, for many reasons. Gorgeous beaches, fantastic food, excellent hospitality, and a phenomenal cultural experience. It’s always a great place to visit but find the best times to visit Vietnam here.

Along with this beautiful bridge, when traveling to Da Nang, you will have quick access to several other beautiful sites in the region, including Lady Buddha, Marble Mountain, and the Ancient Town of Hoi An. You can find an entire list of things to do in Vietnam Travel Guide (Top 12 Things to Do).

The city of Da Nang is not alone in its beauty and nightlife. Cities like Hanoi, Nha Trang, and Ho Chi Minh City have a wide range of cultural activities, their own sites to see, and plenty of exotic foods to taste. I have even had the chance to play poker in several cities that I write about in my post Playing Poker in Vietnam [Millions at Stake].

Vietnam does a beautiful job of giving world-class experiences while keeping its culture intact. You will plainly see all of the gorgeous high-rise hotels, condos, and apartments being built with the luxuries that Westerners are used to. Vietnam is working hard to grow to the needs of its visitors.

Vietnam has a goal to attract 15+ million foreign travelers by the end of 2018, and it appears they are on the way to achieving that. With regional competition like Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, it would be easy to make excuses for why travelers didn’t come to see the beauty of the country. But no! Vietnam is building its own future with beautiful landmarks like the Golden Bridge.

So, yes, book your tickets to see these magnificent hands that give you breathtaking views of the Vietnamese countryside below. And while you are there, be sure to enjoy all of the beauty that Da Nang has to offer, not just the latest reason that Vietnam has given us in becoming one of the best places to travel to in the world.

Photo Credit of Golden Bridge – FlyCam4K

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