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Krakow Barber Shop

What a great barber shop in Krakow, Poland! This barber knows how to give a great haircut, beard trim, neck shave, massage, facial treatment, and hot towel usage. His tattoos, beard, big watch, and style are what you hope to find in your barber. He gave advice and shared stories.

Ten days in Krakow, Poland was educational, entertaining, and a bit heartbreaking. We went on several tours to understand the history of Krakow and the surrounding towns. Luckily, Krakow’s old town survived the Second World War, and you can feel the ambiance of the city that used to be the capital of Europe’s largest country. Walking around the Jewish Quarter and seeing the buildings that were shown in the epic movie, Schindler’s List, was fascinating. To stand outside the factory and look at the photos of lives saved was powerful.
It is impossible to describe the emotions of the Auschwitz and Buchenwald concentration (extermination) camp tours. The artifacts left behind are enough to touch anyone who walks the grounds. Most of the area is left in its original form to be a reminder of the evil that is possible in the world. It was a moving and heartbreaking day.

If you want to hear all about our time in Poland be sure to check Podcast Episode 22: Poland – Warsaw, Krakow, Auschwitz

Episode Details:
Short Cut Barber Shop
Meiselsa 3
Kraków, Poland 31-058
Near Historical Jewish Quarters Area
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Barber: Dawid
Service: Haircut, Beard Trim, Neck Shave, Facial Treatment

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