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Madrid with Friends

Madrid with Friends

We left Indianapolis, Indiana for our “travel around the world adventure” in late February 2017 and in June it was the first time we were able to meet up with some of our Indianapolis friends who were living in Madrid, Spain for the summer.  It was so nice to catch up and see some familiar faces!

Not much has changed since we traveled to Madrid back in July of 2012.  This city knows how to party! If you come to Madrid, Spain thinking you are going to rest in between travel destinations, think again.  Madrid has a non-stop, night-life based around late dinners, wine drinking, tapas, beer, and nightclub dancing.  In Madri,d it is “never late”.  Lunch is usually after 3pm, dinner after 10pm, and dancing starts at 2am until the sun comes up.

Summer days in Madrid are also quite hot; 32 C (92 F).  During the day, people tend to stay indoors where it is cooler.  It is not unusual to see families with their children into the late hours of the evening taking a walk through a park, eating dinner after 10pm, or attending a late night outdoor concert while enjoying the cooler night air.


No matter what you do in Madrid, the city will not disappoint.  There is so much to do and so much to see.  This is our second time back together (my third) and the city never gets old.  There is always great food, wine, cocktails, art, sites to visit, and an amazing party to attend!

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