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Below is a list of podcast interviews that I have completed with the most recent aired interview on top. I will continue to update as the hosts air the episodes. Every episode goes into different details of my history and our current journey.

You will find there is a wide range of topics covered: leadership, gratitude, travel, goals, technology, and barber shops. To get a sense of the topics covered during my interviews, please visit my profile on

Hope you find a bit of value in these discussions:

The Beauty Business Podcast (the most downloaded podcast in the beauty industry) interviewed me on my insights on barber shop around the world. 

My Choice to Leave Behind a High-Paying Career to Travel the World on Clear Choices Podcast with Rob Aigner

Conversation on the Mountain Top Podcast discussing my thoughts on marriage, traveling fulltime with my wife, and what makes a great relationship.

Interview on Be Real Show about the adventure around the world. 

A fun discussion with Heather Vickery on The Brave Files talking about the leap of faith, connecting on the road, and listening to your soul.

A wide-ranging conversation with Meredith Atwood on her podcast The Same 24 Hours including what NOT to do when riding a bus in India.

5 Minute Success: Secrets of Reinvention Through Travel Revealed with Karen Briscoe. We discuss some of the difficulties of building a social media brand and the challenges I have faced in attempting to get the word out on my different projects.

Full range conversation with Kyle Nitch on his podcast Nitch Radio.

Getting into the process of traveling the world, the inspiration of World Barber Shop Adventures, and ideas to consider on Michael Sherlock’s Shock Your Potential Podcast

Digging into the details of the World Barber Shop Adventures series with travel guru Derek Loudermilk on his podcast the Art of Adventure.

Answering the crazy fun questions from Jonathon Senior’s Funky Thinkers where he runs his guests through thought-provoking Q&A.

The Creative Life with James Taylor. Although it is titled, The Anthony Bourdain of Barbershops, we get into other topics besides the new series including overcoming failures, important tools leveraged during the journey, and inspiring books.

ShearStar Podcast with Rich Britton to discuss traveling the world and World Barber Shop Adventures

JKWD Podcast discussing marriage, the journey, danger on the road, positivity.

Discussing the Barber Shop Adventures with Jake Ostreicher of #BarberLife (Episode 31)

Life Illuminated with Maggie Kelly discussing the risky decision to leave it all behind.

Expat Money Show with Mikkel Thorup discussing skill growth, ego, discovering ways to overcome obstacles and the pleasures of traveling the world.

The Ultimate Leadership Podcast Interview with Chris Cebollero.

Interview on The Process with Brad Wilson Podcast discussing the discussion, goals, and future.

Podcast interview (video as well) about Culture and Travel on Culture Matters with Chris Smit

Podcast interview about Entrepreneurism, Travel, and Goal Setting on Liz Theresa’s Liz on Biz

Interviewed as a couple on Your Financial Pharmacist Podcast with Tim Ulbrich talking about paying off almost 300K in student loans, becoming financially free, and achieving our dreams

Podcast interview on Gratitude, Positivity, and Perspective with Georgian Benta on The Gratitude Podcast

Improv Discussion on Sketch Comedy Podcast Show talking about exotic foods, photos with strangers, and how we made the decision to leave our careers.

Interview as a Couple on the Legendary Marriage Podcast

Interview as a Couple on the Travel Couple Podcast

Man Up to Greatness Interview on what it took to make the decision

Couple interview on Pharmacy Leaders Podcast discussing how to keep costs down

Corporate Video from my Sales Executive Role

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