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Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA) – World Barber Shop Adventures

Milwaukee Barber Shop Cover

I absolutely loved the design of Gee’s Clippers barber shop. An old bank converted into a sports theme shop focusing on Milwaukee Bucks basketball, it was like nothing I had experienced. Hardwood floors and basketball goals, a huge break room for the barbers, and an arcade room. Are you kidding me?  

The Milwaukee tools work stations are very sharp, tons of memorabilia hanging on the walls, and the flat screens throughout make it easy to keep up on the latest sports updates. The open layout and seating gives plenty of space for the long waiting periods that occur from Thursday to Saturday in the shop and even though its not as intimate as other barber shops I have experienced, you can still engage in entertaining conversations and storytelling in the chair…as you will see the two of us enjoy throughout my visit.

Gee, whose birth name is Gaulien Smith, is an outstanding barber who is humble enough to ask the right questions. Gee is not only a great barber but a detailed-focused businessman, influential figure in the community, and extremely focused on his health, whether it’s on his bike or running marathons. With the long list of local athletes and important businessmen that visit the shop, he takes advantage of his community presence by hosting events that focus on empowering men by educating them with speakers every month or two. Not only is he deeply invested in himself and the barber shop, but he is giving so much back to the city of Milwaukee.

I’ve used the shaving cream that Gee used in the chair, Cremo shaving cream, for over 5 years now. And with the expansion of their product line, they now offer many grooming products like after-shave balms, beard oils, and even body wash. I get my cream on Amazon, but it’s available in many retail stores. I really appreciate Gee’s attention to detail around the ears and neckline. His focused craftsmanship demonstrates why he has been so successful for over 20 years.

Gee’s Clippers
2200 N Doctor M.L.K. Jr Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53212

Barber: Gee (Gaulien Smith)
Service: Haircut, Beard Trim, and Shave

Special thanks to Richard (another excellent barber) for filming –

Cremo – Men’s Shaving, Hair, and Grooming Products –

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