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We have a few partnerships that help make our travels easy.  Yes, we will get some affiliate kickback if you click through our links. We love these companies whether you click or not.

Also, check out our Travel Tools and Hacks page for even more tricks.

BlockFi – Finance your dream vacation by leveraging your crypto for a BlockFi loan and travel the world with crypto. How does a crypto-backed loan work? Well, our clients use their Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), or Litecoin (LTC) cryptocurrencies as collateral. Once the loan is paid off, you get your crypto back. It’s that simple. Click here to learn more about how BlockFi stores clients’ assets.

BlockFi has helped our clients travel the world using Bitcoin. Whether you’re planning a trip to the Philippines or need some spare cash on the middle of your hike through the Pacific Crest Trail, we’re here to help.

ExpressVPN – Being secure on the road is a necessity! Having a VPN means that you are using a PRIVATE network when you are in a Starbucks in Peru, a hostel in Croatia, or a hotel in Japan. This travel tool helps keep your data secure when using the internet. It also helps you if you are looking to use your streaming video services as well. Not all countries allow you to use Sling, Hulu, or Netflix. By using a VPN, you can use servers in the US or other countries that allow you to. For all my sports buddies, it allows you to watch your favorite games on the road!

Amazon Shop (Our Recommended Items) – Check out our list of recommended travel items, books we love, technology gadgets that make traveling easy, and much more on our Influencer Store.

TrustedHouseSitters – Can you imagine getting free housing during your travels? Do you love watching or interacting with pets? This website does an excellent job of coordinating free stays for travelers while providing a service for pet owners. If you are in the category of owning pets, pet loving, or responsible enough to watch another person’s home, you should check out this website. Use our link to get a discount on your membership. Want to learn more? Listen to Podcast 25: Free Travel with Pet and House Sits (3 Weeks in Zurich)

Audible – It’s sometimes easier to listen to books than to read them. Using the subscription keeps the prices down and great books in my ear like my favorites Love Yourself,  As a Man ThinkethTools of Titans, or Ego is the Enemy.

Grammarly – With the focus on our writing and content production, we leverage essential tools to help get our point across. This app has been UNBELIEVABLE, and it is a subscription that I will continue to use my professional career. I highly recommend looking into it if you have to send emails, create documents, or share important messages with people whose opinions you respect.

MyPostcard – I love sending postcards with photos from our travels to friends and family back at home to show the beauty of what we are experiencing including a personal message to let them know I am thinking about them. $3.00 for you, $3.00 for me – sounds good, right?! Head on over to, create a new account using my friends-code “XPYHHH” and we both get to send our photos as real postcards to our favorite people all across the globe!

Airbnb  – This is the main way that we book our room, apartment, hostel, you name it, on the road. The service does a great job of lining up a reliable place to stay. With reviews, you can trust and a very cost-friendly approach, it makes it easy anywhere in the world. Use our link to get a discount on your first booking –

Udemy – This educational portal will help you learn some of the skills you have been craving. I signed up for the SUPERLEARNER course to help me read faster and memorize more. There are a ton of courses that will help you get better at life.

WPEngine – If you are thinking about starting your own blog on WordPress, definitely use this service. I used another WordPress hosting service and was burned. That service was even more expensive than WPEngine. These guys just know the business better than anyone else. Believe me, the time and energy wasted on a bad hosting service will drive you nuts. Look, if we can do a blog, so can you! Dig into your creative side, get on WordPress, and go! – Everyone knows we love Las Vegas! We had a chance to live there for a year and have visited MANY times. It is definitely one of my favorite places on the planet. This website gives you access to deals if you ever decide to visit Sin City.

Podcast Engineers – Are you thinking about starting your own podcast? It can be tough to balance all of the tasks that are needed to make sure your podcast is marketing correctly. The team at Podcast Engineers does a wonderful job in making sure you have everything you need to be successful. Reach out to at and let him know MATT sent you to get your FREE consultation. – Do you have a message that you want to share with the world? Being a guest on a podcast can help make that happen. I use PodcastGuests to help me find opportunities to be a guest on other podcasts around the world.

Moosejaw – A great website to find all of your adventure gear for your next big trip. There are always big savings offered at Moosejaw and their selection of goods is WIDE!

Tommy John is the revolutionary men’s underwear brand that’s redefining comfort. It’s the perfect underwear to keep you comfortable no matter where your travels take you. Tommy John uses proprietary fabrics and innovative designs to make sure that the legs never ride up, the waistband never rolls down, and you never get a wedgie. And, their horizontal quick-draw fly has been described as life-changing. Plus, all Tommy John underwear is backed by the “Best Pair You’ll Ever Wear or It’s Free” guarantee. So if you don’t love the fit and feel of Tommy John, it’s free! Check out their latest deals and styles at

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