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Have you enjoyed the Passport Joy Travel Talk Podcast? If so, thank you! We are enjoying the process of putting out new content to the listeners.

We would appreciate your help to bring the podcast to a wider audience.

iTunes is by far the largest podcasting platform online. If you have iTunes, we would appreciate a RATE & REVIEW there. If you do not use iTunes, then please Rate & Review on the podcast platform (Stitcher, Google Play, Spotify, etc). The process should take about 1 minute to complete. Thank you!

Step 1 – From the iTunes link, click the blueView in iTunes” button that is Under our Image. This will launch/open your iTunes application directly to Passport Joy Travel Talk Podcast.

Step 2 – When the iTunes screen pops up, click on the SUBSCRIBE button (if you have not already), under our image.

Step 3 – Click the Ratings and Reviews button to the right of our image.

Step 4 – On the Ratings & Reviews page, Add your Rating (number of stars) and Add your Review (short write up on why you like to listen to the podcast).

That’s it! Just click submit and you are done!

Thanks so much everyone! We really appreciate all the support and your help in getting the Passport Joy Travel Talk Podcast name out in front of the iTunes audience!

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Thanks for listening and checking us out!

Safe Travels!

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