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Podcast 12: Hong Kong Travel Tips (and how we decide Where is Next)

Hong Kong Travel Podcast

HONG KONG took us by surprise! We really did not know what to expect and then it turned out being better than we could have imagined. In this Podcast Episode, we discuss a few ideas on how to make your trip memorable including Happy Wednesdays, a day trip to Macau, and Chinese Hot Pots! Then we discuss the SURPRISE locations that we have found since starting our travels and how we decide which location is NEXT. Listen along as we take you from ASIA to SOUTH AMERICA and back.

Main Topics Covered:
Hong Kong Travel Tips
Q&A – Surprise Locations that we have Discovered
Q&A – How we decide which location is Next

Links Mentioned in the Episode:
Tommy John Underwear – Matt brought seven pairs of underwear on his journey – ALL Tommy John
Seven Corners Insurance – The Travel Insurance that we use as we Travel Full time

Happy Valley Racecourse for Happy Wednesdays
Macau – Gambling Mecca of the world
Octopus Travel Card while in Hong Kong
Amazing food options in Hong Kong including hard to find places like Kam Mui Kee Dai Pai Dong Restaurant
Lan Kwai Fong area is a happening area to visit many pubs and bars
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Vietnam Travel Guide (Top 11 Things to Do in Vietnam)
Kerala India – 11 Epic Things To Do (2018 Travel Guide)
Incredible Dhermi Albania (The Hidden Gem of the Mediterranean)

Alicante Spain (The Best Beach City in Spain)
Playing Poker in Vietnam [Millions at Stake] – Details on the locations in Vietnam with Poker
14 Things to do in Lisbon, Portugal
The Lisbon Hustle and making money from our balcony
4 Days and 1 Night in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile (Best itinerary for traveling to San Pedro de Atacama)
7 Useful Travel Tips for San Pedro de Atacama (2018)
Airbnb – The best way to travel anywhere in the world. Get your discount today.
Vietnam Travel Guide (Top 11 Things to Do in Vietnam)

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