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Hyderabad, India โ€“ World Barber Shop Adventures

Barber Shop Hyderabad

Hyderabad, India is a vibrant, densely populated city of over 10 million people, some put the number closer to 13 million. This was my fourth trip to India having spent a combined total of three months around the country. Getting the chance to go back to visit our friends for their wedding was a no-brainer. Not only did this trip give us the opportunity to partake in the ceremonies of the marriage including Sangeet, Haldi, Groomโ€™s Day, Brideโ€™s Day, Mehndi, and the huge wedding event, but we also visited Nalgonda, Gandipet, Nagole (where our friends live), and HITEC City (where this barber shop is located).

As you will see in this episode, the unforgettable visit included a trip out delivering wedding invitations on a motorbike, dancing choreographed steps for Sangeet, and making a trip for Toddy palm wine. I just love the unique travel experiences that always come when visiting India.

Barber shops, or saloons or salons as they are often referred to, are everywhere in India, each with a unique vibe. The barbers are typically very talented with the blade and give great shaves. Because indian hair is some of the best hair in the world, they understand how to care for it. The barbers are also known for their sometimes exotic head massages, that often end with an almost full body experience. When traveling to India, you cannot miss out on spending time in a barber chair, no matter what city you visit.

If you want to listen to all of the fun we had in Hyderabad, India, listen to Podcast 52: Hyderabad, India (Indian Wedding + Much More).

Barber Shop #1
Indian Hair Saloon
Madhapur, Hitec City

Owner: M. Simhadri
Barber: Shazad
Service: Shave

Barber Shop #2
Swagath Menโ€™s Salon & Parlour
Hyd Road, Nalgonda
Cell: 88868 61604

Barber: Gaddam Arjun
Service: Shave & Clean Up

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To understand why I love barber shops, the craft, the tradition, and why I decided to document my journeys around the world, please read my post that also describes why I think barber shops help build confidence, independence, and teach us how to be a gentleman. Read the full details in this blog post about World Barber Shop Adventures.

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