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Podcast 52: Hyderabad, India (Indian Wedding + Much More)

Hyderbad Podcast

Having the chance to go back to Hyderabad, India for a wedding of our two friends, Preetham and Spandana, was an unforgettable experience. Not only did we have the opportunity to partake in the many ceremonies of the marriage including Sangeeth, Haldi, Groom’s Day, Bride’s Day, Mehndi, and the huge wedding event, we also visited Hitec City, Nalgonda, and Gandipet. The incredible visit included a trip out delivering invitations on a motorbike, dancing choreographed steps to Indian music, and making a trip for Toddy palm wine. The people were all incredibly kind from the families to our amazing hosts. We stayed with four different families, met kids on the streets playing cricket, and enjoyed late nights understanding the culture. This India trip will not be forgotten, and we hope you enjoy us telling our unique story of discovering more reasons why we love to travel so much in this episode of Passport Joy Travel Talk.

Main Topics Covered:
Hitec City

Links Mentioned in the Episode:
Check out all of the PARTNERS that have made our lives easy while traveling the world.
Nikki’s first published book – Passport Joy – can be found on the Kindle store on Amazon.
Listen to our previous journey to India on Podcast 48: India is Incredible (2 Months Traveling 7+ Cities).
Utilize the Pre-Paid Taxis ran by the government to give you peace of mind when you land at the airport in Hyderabad.
Our outfits during the wedding festivities were outstanding.
HITEC city is an area in Hyderabad focused on technology, engineering, and other sectors of economic growth.
The Westin in HITEC was unbelievable with its great service and huge rooms.
Toddy palm wine is what we went searching for on Sunday and it was a great trip.
Our hosts, Jaya and Anthony, were amazingly kind. I compared tattoos with their mother one day.
Sangeeth is the dance portion of the wedding festivities.
Nalgonda was a smaller version of Hyderabad and a fun town. We celebrated the bride’s day and Haldi at her home.
Nikki got mehndi on her hands and forearms.
The wedding was a bit early in the morning but a gorgeous ceremony.

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