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Podcast 18: Lisbon, Portugal (Our Second Trip to the Romantic & Festive City)

Lisbon Portugal Podcast

Visiting Lisbon, Portugal for the second year in a row brought us memories for a lifetime. Lisbon is a romantic city that comes alive in June with many festivities. From Bica to Alfama to Bairro Alto – we cover the neighborhoods that we love and the hottest spots in each. Matt talks about one of his favorite travel stories of selling Jello Shots during the St. Anthony’s Day party on the streets of Bica. We then discuss the epic viewpoints, fun local markets, listening to local Fado music, and getting around on foot. We also discuss short day trips from Lisbon that are exciting destinations. We wrap up this podcast episode by discussing the idea of sharing tables at restaurants when you are traveling. It can be a great way to meet new people.

Main Topics Covered:
Lisbon, Portugal – Two Junes in a Row
Sharing Tables in Restaurants while Traveling

Links Mentioned in the Episode:
Blink – the best way to monitor your home while you are away and to keep an eye on your travel stay –
Priority Pass – Take advantage of lounges while you travel. It pays for itself pretty quickly.

Our first post on Lisbon – Lisbon Portugal – 14 Top Things to Do (Fully updated for 2018)
Airbnb Search Tip (Save a ton with this unique tool) – a great way to find a wonderful location at an affordable price
The Lisbon Hustle [Unbelievable Fun in Portugal] – Matt’s post on his Jello Shot Business in Bica
Video of me at the Lisbon Street Party with the bucket in Bica during the festivities
The video of the street coming together for the Crazy Party in Bica on the day of the festivities

Our three favorite neighborhoods to visit and explore: Bica, Bairro Alto, and Alfama – where they party late
Definitely visit a Fado restaurant while in Lisbon to hear the wonderful singing
My favorite viewpoint, Mirador Santa Catarina, overlooking the water and city

A few of our favorite bars in Lisbon:
Bicanela bar (small neighborhood bar in Bica – I love this team of bartenders)
Tabacaria – the owners, Nelson & Joao, are great guys. They have another bar around the corner that I also highly recommend
Pavilhao Chines Lisboa – Very unique bar in that it has a ton of artifacts and antiques

Thinking about traveling to Portugal? Consider also visiting Fatima. We describe why in Fatima, Portugal (The Ultimate Day Trip) 2018

Take a day trip to the beach – Praia Fonte da Telha – to enjoy the beauty of the water near Lisbon

Make sure you understand what to pack. Pack Less! Here is a great post on everything we packed in a single backpack. 
You can’t do everything when you travel. Be sure to listen to the Traveler’s Guilt podcast to understand that it’s okay to chill out.

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