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Matt Javit

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website! I hope you find something that helps with your journey.

Here is a bit about me before the big decision to travel the world.

► I had a fun life in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. I was a top performer as a sales executive for an international IT consulting company winning 5-straight international sales awards celebrated around the world. I loved hanging out with my friends, spending quality time with my family, and making new connections in my vast network. I donated my time, energy, and money to a few focused volunteer efforts that meant a great deal to me. I was considered a leader in my community. But…

► I LOVE to travel and experience new adventures! My wife and I were at a stage in life where we had to MAKE IT HAPPEN or stop talking about it. We had been dreaming (AS A REAL WRITTEN DOWN GOAL) of traveling the world FULL-TIME for about five years. As A Man Thinketh…

► On February 21, 2017, with a single backpack each, we flew to Santiago, Chile with the one-way ticket that would start our journey around the world. We are checking off bucket list locations like Machu Picchu, Galapagos Islands, The Sistine Chapel, and The Taj Mahal, and creating new exciting lists every week on where we want to explore next. During our stays, we find creative ways to keep down our costs (we are on a budget), get involved in the communities, and network with locals while having a blast!

► Our story as a traveling couple is a bit different from others that are doing the same because we had been married for 14 years at that point, saved like crazy to make it happen, and have worked for an extended period in the corporate setting.

► You will see on my Linkedin page that I have many ‘chapters’ of life that include playing and coaching college basketball, founding a couple of start-up ventures (clothing line and mobile app) and many positive recommendations from my peers.

► I’ve also overcome a major back surgery, believe firmly in the power of thought, and love watching a wide range of sports.

If you are interested in hearing more about my philosophies of life, the struggles I overcame in the sales world, or details of our journey around the world, I have had many interviews on podcasts that you can find here.


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