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Podcast 37: When Traveling Sucks (Things We Hate About Our Journey)

Podcast 37 Traveling Sucks

We often get asked after telling someone about our journey ‘what is something bad that has happened?’ or ‘what do you miss the most’ or ‘have you been in danger or harms way?’ People LOVE negativity and hearing about bad stuff. It’s the reason that everyone slows down for a car accident or clicks on the horrible headlines that fill the news websites.

Yes, our lives are amazing and we don’t have anything to complain about BUT everyone wants to hear about the bad stuff that happens to others. It may be the reason you decided to listen to this podcast today…so…these are the things we HATE about traveling. We are not going to mention missing our family or friends. That’s a given and so cliche. We are going to discuss the stuff that annoys us during this adventure.

Main Topics Covered:
When Traveling Sucks

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