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Passport Joy Travel Talk is a weekly podcast that airs every Thursday from all around the world. Below is a list of the episodes with the most recent at the top.

Podcast 98: Puerto Escondido, Mexico
Podcast 97: Making Money from Travel
Podcast 96: Roatan, Honduras Live Podcast from the Island

Podcast 95: Live from Miami Beach, Florida
Podcast 94: The Best Time to Book Travel
Podcast 93: Finance Set Up Now for World Travel Later
Podcast 92: Where You Can Travel Now (+ What I Would Do)
Podcast 91: Die with Zero (Spend that Travel Money Now)
Podcast 90: Dave Chappelle Live in a Cornfield in Ohio

Podcast 89: Las Vegas Reopening Trip and I’m COVID Free
Podcast 88: Cathleen Merkel Interview (Legendary Leaders)
Podcast 87: Convos (Panama, Philippines) during the Crisis
Podcast 86: Convos (Dublin, Italy, Tokyo) during the Crisis

Podcast 85: Convos (Kolkata, Athens, South Africa) during the Crisis
Podcast 84: Convos during COVID (Ecuador, Singapore, Romania)
Podcast 83: Wet Markets + Virus Thoughts (Where to Get Stuck)
Podcast 82: Cebu + Moalboal Philippines (Scuba and Scooters)
Podcast 81: Philippines (2 Weeks of Adventure Travel)

Podcast 80: Coronavirus (Back from Asia Travel with COVID-19 Scare)
Podcast 79: Young Traveler Advice (Hot List to Start Now)
Podcast 78: Travel Photos – 3 Types of Books to Capture Your Vacation
Podcast 77: Big Goals – Our Framework for Accomplishing (Travel + More)
Podcast 76: 2020 Hot List for Travel (What’s Matt’s Favorite)

Podcast 75: Bus Ride + Pittsburgh + Season 2
Podcast 74: Real ID – Important for Your Travel Plans
Podcast 73: Flying Private (Taking Advantage of Empty Leg Charter Flights)
Podcast 72: Back Pain Exercises + Back Tips for Vacation (Major Surgery and Still Traveled the World)
Podcast 71: Cricket Star Chris Gayle’s Birthday in Kingston, Jamaica

Podcast 70: National News Coverage (Update Podcast + Small World Stories)
Podcast 69: Planning for Weather During Vacations with World Traveling Meteorologist Todd Klaassen
Podcast 68: POLICE Around the World (Travel Photography Book)
Podcast 67: Long Term Travel Prep Part 3 (Future World Traveler Asks Questions)
Podcast 66: Long Term Travel Prep Part 2 (Future World Traveler Asks Questions)

Podcast 65: Long Term Travel Prep Part 1 (Future World Traveler Asks Questions)
Podcast 64: Kindness from Strangers (Amazing Humans during our Travels)
Podcast 63: A Few Lessons Learned (from Long Term Travel)
Podcast 62: Live Q&A After 800 Day Journey (Part 2)
Podcast 61: Live Q&A After 800 Day Journey (Part 1)

Podcast 60: New Zealand Part 2 (South Island)
Podcast 59: New Zealand’s North Island (Road Trip Tips)
Podcast 58: Fiji Islands (Tips for an Unforgettable Trip)
Podcast 57: Brisbane + Sydney (Living the Australian Life)
Podcast 56: Passion Project Updates (Final Weeks of Travel)

Podcast 55: Tasmania Travel (Peaceful Australian Island)
Podcast 54: Melbourne, Australia (Travel to the Great Ocean Road)
Podcast 53: Kolkata (Calcutta) India {23 Hours in the City of Joy}
Podcast 52: Hyderabad, India (Indian Wedding + Much More)
Podcast 51: Why We Love Southeast Asia

Podcast 50: Da Nang, Vietnam (Trip of a Lifetime)
Podcast 49: Fast vs Slow Travel (Which is Better?)
Podcast 48: India is Incredible (2 Months Traveling 7+ Cities)
Podcast 47: Saving Money Ideas (Short Trips or Long Vacations)
Podcast 46: Travel Myths to Ignore (Early 2019 Travel Plans)
Podcast 45: Who We Are, Why We Did It, and Where We’ve Been

Podcast 44: Vietnam with a Friend (Da Nang, Hanoi, Ninh Binh, Quy Nhon)
Podcast 43: Phu Quoc (Fantasy Island of Vietnam)
Podcast 42: Cambodia Travel (Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Angkor Wat)
Podcast 41: Beautiful Bali, Indonesia (4 Weeks in Travel Paradise)
Podcast 40: Thankful for Travel (Crazy Stories & Gratitude)

Podcast 39: Best Travel Spots for 2019 (Places You May NOT Know)
Podcast 38: Back to Travel Basics (13 Tips to Think About)
Podcast 37: When Traveling Sucks (Things We Hate About Our Journey)
Podcast 36: Singapore and Kuala Lumpur Travel (2 Kinds of Awesome)
Podcast 35: Overtourism (What!?!)

Podcast 34: Thailand Adult Trip (Bars, Night Markets, & an Island)
Podcast 33: World Barber Shop Adventures (Why, How, & What’s Next)
Podcast 32: Japan Travel Part 2 (Sumo Wrestling, Geisha, and the Countryside)
Podcast 31: Rio de Janeiro, Iguazu Falls, and Buenos Aires (Brazil & Argentina)
Podcast 30: Machu Picchu and Cusco, Peru (Bucket List Journey)

Podcast 29: Japan Travel Part 1 (Our First 3 Weeks)
Podcast 28: Chile Travel – Santiago, Valparaiso, San Pedro de Atacama (& Other Beauty)
Podcast 27: Galapagos Islands (One of Earth’s Most Unique Locations)
Podcast 26: Estonia to Qatar Night Trip (Reflection of 18 Months)
Podcast 25: Free Travel with Pet and House Sits (3 Weeks in Zurich)

Podcast 24: Panama City, Casco Viejo, and San Blas (Sailing Adventure in Panama)
Podcast 23: Croatia Island Travel (Yacht Week & 2 More Weeks Exploring)
Podcast 22: Poland – Warsaw, Krakow, Auschwitz (And a Bit of Bucharest, Romania)
Podcast 21: Five Greek Islands We Love (with Tips and Tricks) and 4 Books Reviewed
Podcast 20: Volunteering During Travel (Voluntourism) & Using WorkAway for Free Stays

Podcast 19: Alicante (Spain) and Our Podcast Production Process
Podcast 18: Lisbon, Portugal (Our Second Trip to the Romantic & Festive City)
Podcast 17: Ireland Road Trip – Lush and Luxury (And how we do laundry)
Podcast 16: Sicily and Isle of Man (2 Very Different Island Experiences)
Podcast 15: Gap Year Travel (What’s the best age to travel the world)

Podcast 14: Early European Travel Highlights (Amsterdam, Vienna, Budapest…)
Podcast 13: Traveler’s Guilt (Make Sure You Do You)
Podcast 12: Hong Kong Travel Tips (and how we decide Where is Next)
Podcast 11: Vietnam Travel (and Location We Hated during our World Tour)
Podcast 10: Financial Travel Tips (and Always Wearing the Same Clothes)

Podcast 9: Medical Travel Advice (and Watching Sports on the Road)
Podcast 8: In LOVE with Bangkok (and a Visit to the Hospital)
Podcast 7: Travel Technology (Top Hacks)
Podcast 6: Skyping with a Billionaire (Other Cool Convos)

Podcast 5: Staying Safe on the Road (Matt Gets Left at Sea)
Podcast 4: South Africa: A Guys’ Trip Heaven (Couples Welcome too)
Podcast 3: Crying Babies, Guinea Pigs, and Narcos: How We Stay Around the World
Podcast 2: What’s in Our Bag, What We Miss, and Do We Get Sick of Each Other?
Podcast 1: How We Made this CRAZY Decision! (The Who-We-Are Episode)
Podcast 0: The Launch Episode (We did it!)

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